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The Businesses of Cacy Enterprises LLC

Diana Hawkins operates as manager for the various businesses under Cacy Enterprises LLC. 

This page is a place marker for the businesses of Cacy Enterprises LLC. Fuller descriptions and guidance will appear here as the businesses are restructured or developed.

Some businesses return you to here until their websites are ready. Others will not link out until their websites are ready. 

Some websites that are linked to are going through restructuring as time goes on.



Marion Margaret Press

Marion Margaret Press (MMP) features the books and stories of Lora Deeprose, Sandie Bergen, and Diana Cacy Hawkins.

Two mixed authors anthologies: Better Fiction Anthology Days End and Confederation of Steam versus Zombies

Related Websites:

Serenity Myst: Website for the writings of Diana Cacy Hawkins

Take Me To Kaedara: Website for the The Forbidden Series by Diana Cacy Hawkins and other stories set in the same world.




Sandie Bergen Books

Under Marion Margaret Press, Diana Hawkins manages the website for Sandie Bergen's books.

This labor of love is the result of the combined efforts of Diana Hawkins, Ilsie of the Woodsy Fawn (artist), and Sandy Fetchko (editor) to keep Sandie's books available for her current and future readers, as she requested on her death bed.

Neither MMP nor her family keep any royalties from distribution sales. Instead, as of January 2017, all those royalties go to the Kidney Foundation which helped Sandie so much. 

During November and December 2017, the Jada Series is being redesigned and updated. When this is completed, all 8 of her books will be available in updated versions to reflect the foundation and special words from her family.


Sidhe Press

This is the non-fiction sister site to Marion Margaret Press. When ready, Sidhe Press will feature books and publications by Diana Cacy Hawkins. A book or two from Ron Leming may appear here also.


Copy Confetti

Previously for basic content writing services, Copy Confetti is being restructured for teaching small businesses how to connect with with new prospects and how to stay connected with current customers/clients. 

Copy Confetti will be a book tied into the website, which gives free materials and other paid tools for business owners.

Immediately useful help at easy prices for the small business owner.

Written and created by Diana Cacy Hawkins

Coffee and Biscotti

Coffee and Biscotti is the name for various forms of the same business under Cacy Enterprises LLC.

Coffee and Biscotti is an upcoming book featuring recipes for at home cafes and business cafe start ups. The book also includes basic introductions to the world of coffee in relation to health concerns and sustainability. A special section will help cafe start ups figure out how to price their products and menu ideas.

The Coffee and Biscotti blog will continue to help people with health issues learn how to fit coffee into their lifestyle without endangering their health. With the guidance of their doctor, of course.

The Coffee and Biscotti blog will endeavor to promote the sustainability efforts going on in the world, and how coffee can help us save our environment.

Healthy Office

Healthy Office (name to be determined) is an upcoming book and website business created by Diana Cacy Hawkins to promote healthy office environments for writers and other businesses. Topics will cover not only equipment and timely habits throughout the day, but also healthy foods and drinks.


Diana Cacy Hawkins

Diana Cacy Hawkins assists businesses increase their response rates, connect with prospects, and increase sales through persuasive and engaging content and sales copy.  Visit her at LinkedIn for more information. 

Good Books By Lamplight

The personal blog of Diana Cacy Hawkins. Topics include life, writing, music, and whatever else comes through.